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  • Protect RPV Against Over-Development
  • Keep our Community Safe
  • Prudent oversight of City Finances
  • Improve Infrastructure Planning and Management
  • Maintain Parks, Trails and Open Spaces
  • Maintain Roads and Traffic

I invite you to learn more about these specific issues I am passionate about pursuing on behalf of Rancho Palos Verdes if elected.

Protect Against Over-Development

I will work diligently to protect our City's semi-rural feel. Our City is not overdeveloped and I want to keep it that way. Our unparalleled views and open access to nature is what makes us so unique.

Keeping our Community Safe

I believe that safety is an integral aspect of quality of life. I will always work closely with our Deputies and local community leaders to ensure the safety of our City and its residents. I am endorsed by the Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (ALADS). As your Councilman I will make decisions to keep you and your families safe. I aim to reduce property crimes and protect our homes from those that are trying to disrupt our community.

Prudent Oversight of City Finances

As a businessman and current RPV Finance Committee Member I understand financial efficiency and fiscal responsibility. I will always keep a watchful eye on how the City spends its resources; fighting against wasteful spending while working to maintain the quality of City service delivery to our residents.  

Improve Infrastructure Planning and Management

We must have a contingency plan for exponential repair costs a city will face with negative impacts to its infrastructure.


Maintain Parks, Trails and Open Space

As a former Environmental Commissioner, I believe our coastline is a resource that needs protecting.  It is one of our many important community assets and once destroyed or developed we will not get it back.  

Roads and Traffic

 I will work to ensure that we prioritize the much needed repairs of our streets throughout the City and improve the flow of traffic in our neighborhoods.

Committee to Elect Eric Alegria
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